Our Story

Che! Empanada is a “dream come true” for Alvarez-Cote, who first started
selling her handmade empanadas in Newton, hoping to open a storefront
there. “I had a location but at the last minute the owner changed her mind
about selling,” said Alvarez-Cote. “A friend wanted to open a
restaurant and asked me if I wanted to meet him. We met and learned about
the Worcester location. “We decided it would be perfect, especially with all the future development
in the city,” said Alvarez-Cote. “We love our little space and being located near
other businesses. And, the kitchen is just the right size.”

The current menu at Che! Empanada features more than 10 different varieties
of empanadas: Classica Argentina (ground beef, onions, red peppers, potatoes,
boiled eggs, spices), Ham and Cheese, Chorizo, Spinach/Chard Cheese,
Caprese, Vegan, Classic Chicken, Fatay Beef, Corn/Cheese. The deliciously
baked and perfectly shaped hand-held pies cost $3.50 each; $20 for a half
dozen. Larger quantities may be ordered. By late February, the owners’ goal is
to offer more than 20 varieties of empanadas (gluten-free is in the works) on
their menu, in addition to salads and sandwiches. FYI: Caceser makes sausage
for the restaurant.

PHOTO BY: Ashley Green
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